Released in early access 22.06.2020

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Stranded on the Shores of Vanaheim

Kari: Stranded on the Shores of Vanaheim lets you play as Kari as she explores the mysterious land of Vanaheim after shipwrecking on its shores.Explore new lands inspired by the tundras of Norway and speak to lost souls to learn about the world Kari has found herself in.

Collecting resources and crafting new items with the help of merchants Kari overcomes obstacles and gains access to new areas.

Help her convince the gods to repair her boat and aid her on her journey home.

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Engage with the Story

Help out the souls of those stranded there and meet the gods that rule this realm!

Craft your way home

Work together with the gods to repair your ship so that you can sail back home.

Survive in a dangerous land

Stranded on a different branch of Yggdrasil, use shrines to the gods to maintain the blessing of the Allfather that keeps you safe.

Solve Puzzles

Overcome challenges togain access to new parts of the world.

Some more details

Kari was developed over the course of 32 weeks by the 29 students comprising Team Unmanagable at the Breda University of Applied Sciences during their third year of study. Based on the brief to create a management game with narrative elements, Kari developed into a far more narrative heavy game aimed at a more general audience.

Developed by Team Unmanagable in collaboration with Breda University of Applied sciences.

Released in early access 22.06.2020 on Steam

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